Visual Mobile Mediascape CFP

Wednesday 17 March 2010
Par Gaby David

Next July between the 20-22th  the next IVSA CONFERENCE,Thinking, doing and publishing Visual research: The state of the field?” will take place in the beautiful city of Bologna, Italy.  I am pleased to invite you to submit abstracts to the panel I’ll be chairing at it.

Visual Mobile Mediascape

Mobile mediascape is a mix of cultural and institutional settings, developments, applications, business strategies and consumers’ facts, and it is by accounting this multiple diversity that we will be able to better understand such a complex subject. But the mobile mediascape changes so quickly, is uncertain, and so malleable a field that it is a struggle against time to observe important and pertinent things before they are out of date. This panel aims to better understand the trends and discourses of the visual mobile mediascape; the way they affect not only how we perceive mobility, but also how we use and visually comprehend our mobile phones.

The topics of the panel will revolve around:

  • What are the relations between mobile phone technologies, practices, identity formation and sociality within the digital culture?
  • How do these complex and intertwined factors affect cultural transformations?
  • What is visual mobility and what does it represent?
  • What are its historical origins and these cultural mobile trends’ logic?
  • How do the cultural discourses and meta-discourses shape our understandings of what the visual mobile mediascape is?

In this panel we will analyze different ways of production and consumption of visual mobile outputs.

Case studies, webnography, digital sociology, visual studies, cultural studies, visual anthropology, different approaches are welcome.


Presentations are limited to 20 minutes. In Bologna the official presentation languages will be Italian and English.

Abstracts (Spanish, French or English) and papers should be submitted via email to:

Gaby David

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