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Thursday 19 November 2009
Par Gaby David

The 13th December November 09 (a rainy Friday) the Mobilefest London took place at the Limkokwing University in London. It was organized by Max Schleser and presented by FILMOBILE and the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (photos). It was an  interesting panel where we talked about mobiles and creativity.

An inter oceanic skype session was held with the Brazilian Mobilefest, enabling us to communicate and exchange last impressions about these two above mentioned topics. Artists, scholars, and a representative from b3media in London and similar in San Paulo discussed trends and directions in the field of mobile media creation. The international link emphasised the different realities that people live in.

During the panel we discussed about collaborative projects and the relationship between authorship and participation were discussed. The role both of the filmmaker and the artists to work with mobile media that can be seen as a initiator, a facilitator to empower people’s production. Different forms of social engagement open up new possibilities, where artists and creatives can take a leading position in enabling social transformations aand potentialy as initiators of new trends.

At the moment these new technological trends are entering the public discourse, the mainstream, but an analysis of how these technologies are shaped should remain in focus.

Mobile media has been underrated in the last years; the challenge probably is to educate the next generation of leaders, artists and educators; all who need to gain an understanding of the transforming media landscape.

Much to my surprise most of the speakers were discussing about the Artistic creations leaving the vernacular part of the story almost completely forgotten. Is this so-to-say that creativity is not within the vernacular uses and “important” productions ? Was this due to the fact that many of the intervenants are themselves artists and they’d rather lead the discussion towards the part of the story that interests them the most ?…

During the panel were, we also shared some artistic projects…the most interesting one : The Dark Forest which is a partnership between Brazil and the UK to explore how a forest in England can contrast shared data from the Amazon with the changes and destruction of woodland in the UK. Working with schools in both countries the project will look at how young people interpret data and how much they invest in the life of forests, as part of their future.

Next day I hit the 4 floor LES Library. Its architecture is inspired in the Guggenheim Museum of New York : a sort of spiral, where instead of art pieces there are books and computers.

Imagen 3

I definetly empower French scholars trying to make the effort in also doing research in English. Specially due to the fact that the bibliography published in French, specially in topics such as new medias, web-ethnography, digital humanities, visual, pop and cultural studies is by far fewer. The gap is large, for not to say  huge.

Imagen 4

To be able to sit at the LSE Library you will only have to fill in an online form first which will be your pre-inscription. Once there you just sign out a form and you’ll have a one year lecture’s card for free. The library is open untill midnight. However the librarians and all the library’s staff leave at 6 o’clock. On top of this incredible long hours, from the start of the lent term (on 11 Jan 2010) the Library will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week until the end of exams in June, except during Easter week. Outside normal opening hours the Library is staffed by Security only. This means that students and reserachers are left alone in the Library, another intelligent policy that many other libraries could learn out from.

Third and last day, friendly lunch and nice stroll trough Camden’s market, coming back to Paris too soon. A  short weekend, but nice enough to understand that mobile researchers like to move, to travel and to always be on the road again.

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  1. lorraine

    This library sounds like a place not to be missed : thanks for the info.
    *sigh* I also wish our bibliotheques would get inspired by its ultra simple registration system, and by its opening hours (very common in the US as well, what an amazing working environment it provides!)

    ps: just wanted to mention a ‘coquille’: the Mobile Fest must have been November 13th (and not December), obviously…

  2. Gaby David

    ups, thx, c’est corrigé.


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