Maria Carolina Cambre invitée du séminaire “Iconologie des médiacultures”

Thursday 3 April 2014
par Gaby David

Le 24 avril 2014 prochain, à 18h en salle WB à l’INHA, nous aurons l’honneur d’accueillir la docteure M.C. Cambre; artiste, chercheuse, éducatrice et professeur adjointe au département de sociologie au Collège universitaire King à l’Université Western, en Ontario, Canada. Elle vient présenter et partager avec le Lhivic ses importantes recherches sur la figure... »

CFP: *News Consumption in an Age of Mobile Media *

Thursday 21 November 2013
par Gaby David

Please consider sending an article for the special section of Mobile Media and Communication on News Consumption in the age of mobile media. Guest Editor Oscar Westlund will be accepting abstracts. The abstracts are due by January 3rd 2013. Please send them to or (with ?*Mobile Media & Communication *special section? in the subject line), and should be accompanied... »

CFP: Media and Passion, special issue of European Journal of Cultural Studies

Tuesday 1 October 2013
par Gaby David

Passion is at the heart of an emotional economy within media, culture and society. Marketing trends such as The Experience Economy (Pine and Gilmore 2011), or affective economics, signal a growth in passion as a revenue source. Political economists are showing us that the value of networks and brands depend on the intensity of relations they spark. Emotional... »